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Handcrafted in The Philippines


Grassroots takes pride in its environment-friendly products, its clean consistent workmanship, and its distinct style.  

All its merchandise are targeted to capture the high-end market with very discriminating taste, by offering elegant and classy designs. It manages to keep abreast of trends, while retaining the unique character and sets its creations a cut above the rest.

Our designs infuse Philippine culture into our products, sans the typical “handycrafty” look. Most of our products are made of paper, fabric, leather and natural materials that are indigenous to our country. These meticulously-made products, with the polished look of items executed with the precision of machines, but which are surprisingly hand-made, are world-class and have garnered several international awards under its mother Company, Craft Mill, and through some of the global clientele of Craft Mill. 

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